Importing objects from Dropbox

After connecting Shaderific to your Dropbox account you can import objects that are located in the folder /Apps/Shaderific in your Dropbox folder. To import an object it needs to be in the Wavefront object format. A description of the format can be found at Wikipedia and the specification at

To import an object go to the Resources menu in the editor and tap the Import objects item. You will see a table with all object files located in your /Dropbox/Apps/Shaderific folder. Only files with the respective .obj file extension are visible in the table.

Import object.png

After picking an object and tapping the Import button the object is downloaded from your Dropbox folder and the import options are shown.

Import options.png

You can decide if the object should be normalized and centered as well as if face normals should be calculated and normals should be inverted. The default settings should work fine in most cases. The calculation of face normals is only necessary if the object has not a smooth surface that is only approximated by a mesh but is some sort of polyhedron (e.g. a cube). In this case you wouldn’t want the normals to be interpolated over the surface when the object is rendered. Invertion of normals is necessary if the normals point in the wrong direction. This can happen when normals are provided by the object file explicitly and the underlying primitives of the mesh have the wrong orientation.

After confirming the import options with tapping the Convert button the internal data representation of the object is generated and when this process has finished the number of resulting vertices and the number of resulting triangles are shown.

Import results.png