WWDC 2012

I was lucky. I got a ticket.

This is really remarkable, because all my preparations were in vain. First I tried to sign up for the SMS-service WWDC Alerts everybody was talking about on the Web. But I never got the confirmation SMS so I knew I couldn't rely on it. After that I bought NewsAlert on the App Store and configured it with the appropriate keywords on my iPad and my iPhone. I got false alarms several times a day from day one. And finally I started to check the Apple developer site on a regular basis.

On Wednesday, 25th of April at about 15:30 MESZ I coincidentally checked my email (which I don't do very often) and my heart started to race, when I saw the invitation from Apple for WWDC 2012. I had totally forgotten that Apple would send out an email invitation...

When I got the first remote notification that Apple had anounced WWDC 2012, tickets had already sold out. If I had checked emails only two hours later I would have missed it.

So it was only a matter of luck in the end. But it's a nice story to start this blog.