Version 4.0

Now with full support for iPad Pro, Multitasking and iOS 9

  • Support for the new screen size of the iPad Pro
  • Support for Slide Over and Split View
  • New stereo mode for left-right image rendering
  • Support for rendering on external display (via Lightning Digital AV Adapter)
  • Support for external game controller

Version 3.4.1

  • Fixed layout problem with the accessory keyboard

Version 3.4

  • Full support for iOS 8
  • Full support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Version 3.3.1

  • Added line marker
  • Several layout improvements
  • Fixed bug with clearing error highlighting
  • Fixed tab button behavior in selection mode

Version 3.3

Now with completely reworked accessory keyboard and multi-item pasteboard

  • Accessory keyboard now supports the full character set of GLSL
  • New buttons for standard caret movements (line up / down, beginning / end of line)
  • Keyboard pan gesture support for faster caret movements
  • Backspace pan gesture for deleting multiple characters
  • New selection mode with copy and cut actions
  • Multi-item pasteboard supporting complex copy-paste actions
  • Support for deleting / ordering code snippets in the pasteboard
  • Exchange of items between the local and the global pasteboard
  • Full syntax-highlighting support in the pasteboard
  • Keyboard appearance and caret color have been added to the theme settings

Version 3.2.1

  • Fixed name collision of "in vec2 texture" with texture function in OpenGL ES 3.0 / GLSL ES 3.0 (replaced with "in vec2 texCoord")
  • Fixed missing highlighting for attribute qualifier

Version 3.2

Now with support for OpenGL ES 3.0 and GLSL ES 3.0 (dependent on the GPU of your device)

  • Support for blending with customizable blending factors and blending function
  • New blending shader to demonstrate the blending options
  • Culling can now be enabled / disabled in the settings
  • New noise texture shader demonstrating the use of a 3D texture in the fragment shader
  • New control mode for moving the camera position based on the device orientation
  • Duplicate shaders with only one tap
  • Fixed problem with cut and paste
  • Several small layout and bug fixes

Version 3.1

Now with full support for iOS 7, 64-bit and OpenGL ES 3.0

  • Support for 3D anaglyph rendering
  • New head object and HeadShader with photorealistic textures
  • New DrawInstanced shader for multi object rendering
  • New HightMapShader demonstrating the use of textures in the vertex shader
  • Faster syntax highlighting
  • Import texture coordinates

Version 3.0.2

Fixed several layout issues regarding the onscreen keyboard

Version 3.0.1

Bug fixes

Version 3.0

  • Camera texture with video stream from the built-in cameras
  • Switch between front- and back-facing camera
  • Uniform with face bounds for up to 5 faces (face detection)
  • Movie textures with imported movie files
  • Import movies from Dropbox or the photo library
  • Video recording with automatic export to the photo library
  • Customizable video resolution and playback frame rate
  • Framebuffer texture containing the previously rendered frame
  • Scalable render target to improve performance
  • 4 new shader programs demonstrating the new camera, movie and framebuffer textures
  • New parametric object (plane)
  • Open shader files in other iOS apps
  • Full support for external bluetooth keyboards

Version 2.5

  • Particle systems with spherical and cubic shape
  • Adjustable particle number from 1,000 to 100,000 particles
  • Full screen mode for image processing (e.g. texture blending)
  • Hiding the menu and status bar on double tap
  • Multitouch support with new uniform array in the shader programs
  • Coordinates for up to 10/5 simultaneous touches on iPad/iPhone
  • 4 new example shader programs

Version 2.4.1

Performance and stability improvements for copy/paste, undo/redo and error highlighting.

The reported problems with copy/paste have been resolved!

Version 2.4

  • Built-in OpenGL ES Shading Language reference (iOS 6)
  • Context-sensitive help in the shader editor (iOS6 / iPad)
  • Import images from your photo library
  • Scrollable error messages
  • Two new fonts from the Source Code Pro family
  • Option for displaying the frame rate

Version 2.3.2

  • Customizable auto-indentation for line wrapping
  • New highlighting color for vector / matrix indices
  • Highlighting color for variables can now be changed
  • Autocompletion for preprocessor directives
  • Three new planar objects (a square and two rectangles)
  • Options for user feedback in the settings menu

Version 2.3.1

  • Minor fixes for syntax highlighting and line numbering

Version 2.3

Completely revised shader editor:

  • Code completion for keywords, functions and user defined variables
  • Syntax highlighting with customizable colors (iOS6)
  • Line numbers and error highlighting (iOS6)
  • Seven fonts in nine sizes
  • Three customizable predefined themes
  • Keyboard extension with frequently used keys on iPad
  • Improved undo / redo support

iOS6 compatibility and several small fixes and improvements

Version 2.2

Shaderific is now a universal app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

Version 2.1

Four new shaders using advanced techniques like procedural noise generation, normal modulation and vertex modulation

  • LiquidShader
  • CloudShader
  • FireShader
  • HeatShader

Several small fixes and improvements

Version 2.0

  • Three new high resolution objects
  • Support for object import (Wavefront .obj files)
  • Support for texture import (texture2D and cubemaps)
  • Support for export of objects as header files
  • Full texture support in the shaders
  • New texture shaders (texturing, normal mapping, environment mapping)
  • Small improvements to the shader editor

Version 1.1

  • Added Dropbox support (import / export shader files)
  • Added undo / redo support for the shader editor
  • 15 new objects